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Unwind the habits in your brain to understand WHY you think and react like you do

Open up and change your perspective to relieve stress and anxiety

How to:

Pause before reacting to circumstances around you

Feel and process emotions all the way through, so they're no longer a problem to feel

How to:

Create healthy boundaries that you feel good about

Clean up your thoughts so you can show up as WHO you want to be and FEEL how you want to feel

Dr. Nicole Grams

Your Coach

(and also a pharmacist and functional medicine provider and all that stuff...)


Hi! Recovering “complainer” here, A.K.A. Dr. Nicole.

I used to complain about all of the things all of the time. I thought that was what kept me going and kept me sane. After all, it’s only worse to bottle it up inside, right?


There was a point where I realized all I was doing was spewing negativity around like it was my job.

It was completely exhausting.

I needed a place where I could go and find out where the negativity was really coming from.

I needed a place with other people who understood me and who also wanted better for themselves.

I needed a place to go where someone would show me a way out of the frustration, bitterness and anger.


I can't wait to see you inside!

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